Partitions made from MgO boards

  Do you want to divide part of residential or non residential areas? A partition made from MgO boards is an effective and economical solution and you also meet requirements on fire protection, water resistance, thermal insulation and anti-noise demands. In the herein process of dry construction is possible to use immediately the newly created partition. Inside the partition can be lead the distributions of water, sewerage waste, electrical and other lines. The installation of partition using MgO boards meets all criteria of demandingness to ire resistance and water resistance and firmness. Logistics at the construction is much more simple when using MgO boards.

Installation of partition

  During the installation of suspending sanitary facilities it is not necessary to have a double jacketing as for example in the case of plasterboard installation of partitions. The assembly of individual structures should be carried out in cooperation with fitters.

Arched partition

  UW profiles are fastened to the floor and ceiling and determine the shape of arched partitions. MgO board is particularly suitable at the creation of arched partitions (3mm thickness of MgO boards – radius 20 cm).

Ceilings and soffits

  MgO boards are suitable also for soffits that meet aesthetic and building-physical requirements.

Offset wall

  In case you want to straighten out a bricked wall, the offset wall made from MgO boards is a suitable solution. The offset wall made from MgO boards is improving the acoustic, thermal insulation water resistant and fire protection properties of already existing wall and thus the also improve the comfort of user´s living, whether you decide in favour of freely standing offset wall or anchored offset wall


  Attic is very often used for the expansion of residential spaces and it can be a full value living area meting demanding fireproof, water resistant and thermal-insulation requirements. Also in this case will serve you very well the MgO boards.

Dry floor

  MgO boards are applicable also during the construction of dry floors that are more and more replacing the traditional wet process that is reflected also on the efficiency of construction.

Lining and of columns and lintels

  MgO boards can be applied also for this type of structures used for the lining of columns and transoms due to aesthetic, fire protection or insulation reasons.


  MgO boards are excellent material thanks to their properties and can be applied as a part of the composition of walls installed in structures with metal or wood structures.

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