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Worldwide using of MgO boards

  The history of using MgO powder in construction dates back many centuries before our era. Great Wall of China was built around 400 BC and the main part of the construction adhesive formed MgO powder.
  Currently, MgO boards widely used in Asia as a primary building material, since it is in Asia are the largest deposits of ore. In 2008, on the occasion of the Olympic Games was built Olympic village, where they were used MgO boards at over 300 000 m2.
  For its exceptional quality of MgO boards are part of the track interior and exterior wall cladding recently, the highest building in the world Taipei, Taiwan. The main reason for using MgO board was just that are absolutely non-combustible material, harmless to health, particularly eco-friendly, firm but flexible, resistant to mechanical damage.
  Because of its excellent properties MgO boards became popular especially in the US and Canada, as a substitute for gypsum and OSB boards, especially in the territories often punished tornadoes, fires and earthquakes.
  At present the charm of this material also appear states of Europe, for example, Greece, Italy, United Kingdom, Finland ...

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